The 2011 Ford Edge made its debut at the 2010 Chicago Auto Show together with its sibling the Edge Sport variant. Ford made sure that the Edge will have its advantage against its competition in the crossover market with new engines installed and new technology used.

Ford uses 2.0L 4L engine with Ecoboost technology for the Edge. The company boasts that this powerplant can perform as good as the outgoing 3.5L engines of the current model. The new engine also has a 15% better fuel mileage. Other options include a V6 3.5L engine that ouputs 285hp and a 3.7L variant that has 305hp. All engines are coupled with automatic transmission with some coming with paddle shifters to give that manual-like control.

The designers of Ford kept the excellent driving quality and dramatic lines of the first generation Ford Edge. Engineers have also boosted the fuel economy of the car and focused on decreasing vibration levels and noise.

The carmaker also installed MyFord Touch technology which replaces the tradition control knobs, buttons, and gauges of the vehicle. You can now control the music and other stuff through sleek LCD screens.

The MyFord Touch comes standard on both the Ford Edge Limited and the Edge Sport. The new system displays information via two LCD screens 4.2 inches big located near an analog speedometer. There is also an 8-inch screen at the center stack.

The driver can control the information to be displayed on the screen by using the controls placed on both sides of the crossbar of the steering wheel. There is also a SYNC function which allows connectivity with a mobile device.

The new breed of Ford Edge will be coming to dealerships by summer this year.

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