Hmm, actually I don't care about the styling of my car too much but when I see a tight clean fancy car my hearth starts beating faster. So, that's why I start a new set of articles devoted to the styling and the most popular trends. The first trend I've chosen is Hellaflush, because its videos from events always make me jealous and enjoy. =) Hellaflush group was founded in 2003 by few guys who enjoyed drifting their cars.

Hellaflush is all about car styling while being functional. It focuses mostly on exterior aesthetics while tipping its hat to the performance side of tuning. The most important about Hellaflush is that it collects the best fitted cars around the world combining the experience of JDM, EDM and USD into one single piece. As the guys claim themselves, there are 4 degrees of Flushness - Flush, Poke,Trucked and Hella.

But another thing I should point out is that this style was brought up by the Fatlace of 1999 which is a design studio that’s also one of the most respectable car/footwear/urban/”street” resources on the internet. Just check these videos. They show how varied the style is thus may bring the most interesting things and ideas from all corners of the world.

Well, actualy the article is not quite finished and too much info is unrevealed about Hellaflush. I promise you I'll add some more a little bit later.

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