Hi everyone again! Do you remember my post devoted to the evolution of the Batmobile? Now we can compare two models in not just a design, but in a performance! Thanks to MSN now we may know what model of Batmobile is faster whether it 1989 model or its predecessor the Batmobile '66.

The only thing which distinguishes the real prototype Batmobile from its comics original variant is the absence of atomic-powered engine, his place took an engine from a carbureted Chevrolet small block with an aluminum intake manifold which produces 286 ponypowers and not much else for the '89 Batmobile.

Maybe its unfair, but the '66 Batmobile has got a C4 Chevrolet Corvette engine with a complete fuel-injected small block which produces 315 horsepowers (batpowers?).

However I suggest this video is a fake and doesn't show the real results of the automobiles =( But, at least it’s quite original and interesting.

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