Back in 2013, Ram had the honor of making the "Truck of Steel" for the Superman movie of that year. However, somebody needs to play the villain and show the world that Superman isn't invincible. So what's Luthor going to use? A kickass Ford, of course.

Krypton was one of the most amazing vehicles shown during the 2015 SEMA Show. A company called Fab Fours from South Carolina put together a demonstration vehicle based on the heavy duty F-350 truck.

This is a mean mother trucker. Since the company usually designs custom front ends, that's what you'll notice first. Colored bright green, the grille and bumper of the Ford forms a single piece that looks like it will sap you of your super-strength in no time at all.

The combination of a bright green visor and wheel flares will put you in the mood to do some hooning. Thankfully, the truck is built to cope with everything you can throw at it.

“The biggest thing we wanted to do with this truck was put these 40-inch tires on the factory suspension,” said Tim McDonald. “Usually, you need a 6-inch lift just to fit 35s, but we were able to do it on the stock suspension here. We actually towed the other vehicles we have here in the booth out here with this truck, so it definitely works.”

Are you worried that the Ford won't even be able to move with those big tires? Don't be, because if it can burn rubber, it can pretty much do everything else, probably even tow a whale or two.

The rear rack, steps, and rear bumper are all products Fab Fours currently offers. Whether or not you want to buy them because of somebody doing donuts in the truck is up for debate. However, the prototype front grille+bumper combo is something every Ford guy will want to buy.

Fab Fours is a company that's keen to get all the attention it can. Not only are they doing mother trucking donuts but they also fitted a Jeep Wrangler with a mohawk for SEMA.

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