If people in automotive industry start speaking about the Middle East they usually mention it as a consumer, but not a manufacturer.
For example, streets of Dubai are filled with imported exotic cars, but what they lack is homemade extraction of Arabic color and Eastern charm. But the situation is about to change, I can feel it.
What makes me think so is the recent event in Beirut, Lebanon, where W Motors announced that it will produce two models of a new supercar. W Motors calls them the "most exclusive, luxurious and technologically advanced hyper-cars in the world" and claims that they'll be "introducing never seen before technologies inside and out."

As I have said there will be two models – the first one is the Super-sport and the second one is the Hyper-Sport which will be unveiled this December in Dubai. It will be limited to only five units and produced with the help of German RUF and Austrian manufacturer Magna Steyr.
If you are interested in other details, please, check the official press release.

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