After sightseeing of local attractions not far from Sesimbra we headed to a truly mystical place – Cape Espichel with the church Santuorio de Nossa Senhora do Cabo of the seventeenth century, which is often used as a historical scenery in different feature films thanks to its specific architecture. According to legend, this is the place, where the Virgin Mary ascended to the shore, and the church was built on this place.

On our way to the Cape we accidentally came across a live mill, the owner of which (pluralistically he is both the leader of the firm and a miller) kindly showed us a whole process of flour grinding, in what connection, having begun from the wind orientation of the mill itself and grain feeding into intake vessels. Some component parts of that mill have been functioning since the nineteenth century.

The mysticism of the place is also proved by the fact, that near it there are traces of dinosaurs (according to pointers and information boards.) Having remembered that we examined the analogue places with the dinosaurs’ traces in South Korea, we certainly made way there. We managed to take telephotos of those places from the high shore. That is for you to decide if these are traces or just hollows in stone. But I would like to believe that it is one of the paleontologists’ finds.

Santuаrio de Nossa Senhora do Cabo Espichel was built on the top of Cave Espichel just near the steep. It has been a local shrine and a pilgrimage destination since XIII century. The Virgin Mary, riding a white mule out of the sea, manifested Herself to two elders.
A chapel was built in XV century, and a church, pilgrims’ houses and Opera House, where actors performed during the holidays, were built in XVII century.

Joao Antunes - 1642-1712.

Very strong fitful wind blows on the whole territory of the Cave. There are even caution boards in some places, but all the same head-wears of many visitors fly as birds in the air.
Low drifting clouds – literally on the level of heads – give some singularity and shadows of the past presence to this place. The feelings are simply ineffable.

Local handcrafted items made of shells and other sea dwellers are sold around.

Literally within one kilometer from the cave there is an active lighthouse.

Two interesting automobiles were noticed at the parking near the cave:
an old LandRover and a small lorry – MEGA ( of the firm Aixam Mega, which is one hundred percent branch firm of English Aixam Mega Group and makes these cars at its special plant in Chanas to the south from Lion, France.)

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