We reached Porto very quickly as the highway was not busy. Having driven in circles just a little, as we had passed the obligatory way out from the highway, we arrived at the hotel – The Yeatman Oporto (www.the-yeatman-hotel.com) .

The hotel attached us straight away by its location, luxury and originality. This is quite a new hotel, brought into operation in September 2010. It is situated on the bank of the river, not far from the bridge ……, in the area, from which a stunning view of the whole old part panorama of Porto opens.

The point of the hotel’s interest is its trend. The hotel refers to so called wine hotels. Everything here is devoted to wines, Portuguese naturally.
Every room is designed individually in the style of some wine and is named like this wine. That is to say, you are staying not in room number 123, but in room DelaForce Porto or Romaneira……….

Additionally there is a whole spa complex on the base of wine baths, massage and etc., as a matter of course with the use of wine therapy healthiness.
Frankly speaking we heard about such kind of therapy for the first time, but as we had not very much time (only two days), we decided to disregard the acquaintance with these exotic forms of treatment and relaxation, but to enjoy tasting this delicious drink on the verandahs with a fabulous sight of one of the oldest and the most beautiful towns in Portugal and Europe – Porto. And it must be noted – why isn’t it a wine therapy in our insight into this term?

Walking around the hotel we found real wine cellars, a library, styled in the form of an antique study, where there are many books about wine, different catalogues and etc. You may sit quietly and enjoy the silence.

The shop at the hotel has got, naturally, seas of various wine brands and accessories, connected with them. For instance, they sell a set of Porto wines, covered with sealing wax. Special tongs for holding a bottle over the fire to melt the sealing wax come complete with it. It is necessary to note that they sell wines here for various public, to every pocket and taste, - from Porto at the price of 2.500 euros to very decent red dry wine of the year 2007 at the price of 9 euros.

Generally, after the first experience of being in such a splendid peculiar hotel it fell into our minds to go on from now forth searching for the hotels of that category all over the world and maybe to rest somewhere else.
Moreover it must be said that similar wine culture makes us treat newly to drinking as to the process, which is harmonic here for some reason with driving a good car, and to investigating the country’s culture, which has a rich history and perfect wine.

Porto is the second large city in Portugal. It stands on the bank of the river Douro. It is very handsome and charismatic. It gave the name to the world famous wine – Porto.

Narrow old streets, old tramways and unforgettable bridges across the river have been keeping this town in the memory for a long time. This is the place, where you wish to return.

As it happens, the authoress Joanne Rowling lived and began to write the first book about Harry Potter here. Probably, the fabulousness of this place inspired her and created a certain atmosphere for writing this book.

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