Hi! Maybe you remember I told you about the nano-technology which protects a glass form any kind of dirt, dust and water. But here I found the info about a new development of scientists, it is a fog-free glass. Well, in order to not spend my time I’m copying the text about the technology from another place, but I don’t think smb is against – it will better explain you how and what this glass can do.
"One of the most instantly recognizable features of glass is the way it reflects light. But a new way of creating surface textures on glass, developed by researchers at MIT, virtually eliminates reflections, producing glass that is almost unrecognizable because of its absence of glare — and whose surface causes water droplets to bounce right off, like tiny rubber balls.

The new "multifunctional" glass, based on surface nanotextures that produce an array of conical features, is self-cleaning and resists fogging and glare, the researchers say. Ultimately, they hope it can be made using an inexpensive manufacturing process that could be applied to optical devices, the screens of smartphones and televisions, solar panels, car windshields and even windows in buildings.

The technology is described in a paper published in the journal ACS Nano, co-authored by mechanical engineering graduate students Kyoo-Chul Park and Hyungryul Choi, former postdoc Chih-Hao Chang SM '04, PhD '08 (now at North Carolina State University), chemical engineering professor Robert Cohen, and mechanical engineering professors Gareth McKinley and George Barbastathis.

As you may understand the idea is so great! I can’t even wait to see a prototype and just imagine how this technology can change a car’s design!

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