Hi there! And I continue my series of topics devoted to how to prepare your car for races - whether it's mad drag or skilled sprint.

I was always wondering about those people who take care of the performance of their cars and try to fill the interior of the car with new strange things, put subwoofers and amps in the trunk and so on. All this shows that they are in the state of uncertainty. But! It's not for us and we know what and how we should do to achieve great results.

Making your car lighter is the best upgrade that you can afford having even no money in your pocket. So, before going to a race you should take as many things as you can out of your car.

First of all - take everything out of the trunk. Some of us have old parts or not necessary liquids and a stepney. Let's hope you won't need it in a race. Moreover if you have a subwoofer you'd better leave it home - races are not the best place to showing-off with your music. And there can't be something better than the engine's sound.

If your car isn't new and its interior is battered it will cost nothing to you to take out all unnecessary things. As for my EG Civic the back seats and the front seat are easy to disassemble, and it takes about 30 minutes to take out the whole interior and leave the torpedo and driver's seat only. I should say that the disassembled parts weight about 50 kilograms as for Civic and this number will be much more for other models (I know that BMW may grow thin on 100 kilos). Don't forget every kilo counts, so take care about your weight too, visit a gym =)

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