Some time ago I saw strange video on the page of my friend Nikita Hondov. In this video I saw a windshield that doesn't become dirty and it was strange, because the weather outside the car was just horrible. However, I didn't believe my friend that it's true, but when he showed me it on practice almost everything became clear.

It's true. The technology works as you may see it on the video - you shouldn't clean the windshield of your car from dirt, snow or rain making the driving under rain just a simple pleasure.

But before buying the nano coating just make sure it has good quality, because its quality and durability varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Usually the effect of the coating longs from 4 months to 1 year and after this period you will have to adjust a new protective coating.

My friend Nikita paid in special service to have this technology, but if you want, you can buy the nano-coating yourself from specialized shops or somewhere in the Internet. Before applying the coating clean the glass surface with a special micro-fiber tissue.

Moreover, there are some car models that don't have screen-wipers on the back glass, so applying this technology will be just a great decision!

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