We all have various attitudes to the NASCAR races, but I’m more than sure that each of us can confess that NASCAR remains still spectacular. A spectacle we will speak about has happened this October when at the last two laps at Talladega only Stewart managed to take the lead just before the white flag.

With Matt Kenseth at the head of the pack, Tony Stewart decided to attack and take the first place right before the finish line, but unstoppable happened – Stewart gently pushed Sam Horish. But at such high speeds even a gentle push may turn into terrific disaster. After the push Stewart was spinning into the pack hitting car by car. As far as Stewart was almost at the head of the pack almost all the cars got into the accident after the mistake.
Enough words, we should see such things before speaking about it:

Meanwhile, Matt Kenseth escaped the fray and took the checkered flag for the win.

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