Are you a frequent YouTube visitor but waiting for another episode of RWJ you are lost and have nothing to watch? That's why you watch various videos with pussies(hey, I mean cats!)? I know what I can offer to you! Have you ever heard of the Mighty Car Mods channel?

Here what guys say about themselves - "MCM is a couple of guys, and sometimes girls, with a common interest in cars, DIY projects and production. With a solid grounding in TV/Audio production, and car modification, they decided to combine all these skills to create some fun, slick videos to share with other people around the world with the same interests".

I've met this channel not so long time ago, but I've loved it! It offers not useful and demonstrative DIYs only, but has a lot of valuable info and very comical, funny episodes! You must have seen my post about $2000 fake turbo civic, so this is MCM work! Despite the fact that guys are from Australia the information they introduce is actual for everyone – you’ll learn how to paint your car, rims, brake supports, rocket cover, and install car security, lowering to zombie proof your car...

Enough words, you just have to see it! Now I've watched the first episode only and I won't stop!

And here are some interesting episodes from the channel:

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