Have you ever heard of a combinition of 3 letters - JDM ? I bet you do! But not all users of CARakoom know what it means. So, just to make a situation more clear - acronym JDM derived from Japanese Domestic Market is a term for Japan's economic market for Japanese-brand goods, such as automobiles and parts. The term's most common application is to Japanese-brand automobiles built specifically for the Japanese market, i.e., designed and constructed to conform to Japanese vehicle and equipment regulations and to suit Japanese market preferences.

JDM vehicles often differ in features and equipment from vehicles sold elsewhere. For example, Honda has produced many different versions of the B18C, B16B and K20A engines for various markets worldwide. Generally, engines intended for use outside Japan have been detuned because Japanese Gasoline (Petrol) is of a higher octane rating than is generally available in other markets.

In automotive culture, JDM refers to a style of modifying automobiles, mainly cars of Japanese origin. The function of components is often preferred over cosmetic appeal. "True" Japanese domestic market components are also preferred over Japanese aftermarket. An example of one such market is the import of used Japanese engines to North America to be put into Honda, Nissan, Toyota, Mazda, Subaru and Mitsubishi sports cars for higher performance.

But some pros can read this article, so I have a question for you, pros! What is JDM FOR YOU?