On the way we, certainly, turned to the mountains into an imperceptible by sight spot, the town of Caramulo, where besides wonderful mountain views with underfoot clouds there is a museum with a picture gallery, and most importantly with a vast automobile collection.
(Web-site : museu-caramulo,museudocaramulo in Facebook).

Below are some interesting exhibits of the museum. For more information on video tour of the museum will soon be found in the "Museum"-www.carakoom.com.

Benz -1910

Delahaye - 1913

Rolls-Royce - Silver Ghost -1911

Bugatti-57 1936

Bugatti-57C 1938

Willis, Dodge, VW Kubelwagen

Bugatti-35B 1930

Bugatti-40 1926

Jaguar -XK 150

De Tomaso Pantera

Indiana -1928

Lotus Elan S4-1970

And only then, studying the Internet we learnt that it is a very popular place in Portugal with retro-autos fans, where the festival of retro-cars takes place every year.
In 2012 Caramulo Motorfestival will be held from 7 to 9 September.

And only after visiting auto-museum the name of this town is analyzed correctly, because it contains the English word CAR - amulo, not by indirection, but immediately alluding to the automobile heart of that town.

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