How far can passion for racing go if you don’t have the cash to race for real? Pour a smaller amount of cash in a simulator rig, with three screens, Recaro seat and a high-tech steering wheel controller with physical gear shifter and a proper clutch. Or, build one of these rigs yourself...

After many years of upgrading his computer in order to support triple monitors for a better feeling while racing, this awesome guy named Paul decided to ditch the three-piece scheme and go for a single graphics card and one big a%* display.

The part with the graphics card was probably the easiest one, but finding a monitor big enough must have been a real pain in the back, because if you want a more realistic feel, you need a curved monitor, or a projection to fill you field of view.

Since a curved monitor or TV costs as much as an entry level racecar, Paul decided to build his own panoramic projection surface, get a projector to project the game on it and call it “Project Immersion”. Project much? After fiddling with the setup, he managed to find the right angles and created the best game immersion that could be achieved in a small bedroom without wizardries like Oculus Rift.

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