It's been a MotoGP weekend, therefore we've got girls, obviously. The round at Indianapolis is the third round on US ground and 2013 was the 7th consecutive MotoGP presence at the iconic Brickyard.

While some feared that this was the last time we got to see MotoGP machinery (and beauties) for a long, unspecified time, it looks like things between Dorna Sports, the rights holder for the series and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway are going the right way and a longer-term contract might also be in line.

We kind of expected more photos from Indianapolis, but it looks like the photographer was still thinking about the summer break the MotoGP had during the last 3 weeks. This time, our favorite girl wore Yamaha Factory Racing livery. Next week it's Euro babes-time as the MotoGP reaches the Czech Republic, so stay tuned for more beauty next Monday.

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