I know that the trio of Subaru BRZ, Scion FR-S and Toyota GT 86 has been represented long time ago – long enough for you to read and see all tests you were interested in. But what I have for you know differs from everything you have seen before.
Nino Karotta has caned the 2.0-liter terror across Europe, and he's been kind enough to document the excursion for the rest of us. What is special in his test? Is that it shows the real nature of the car and takes the car to those courses where the car can show its full potential - from the twisting mountains of France across Germany via the Autobahn and into Austria for a date with Karotta’s own AE86.
What makes this test-drive more special and excellent is a stellar soundtrack, beautiful videography and insightful commentary.
Moreover I bet you really want to know - How does the newcomer stack up against its ancestor? You can see it in the video: