We planned the next trip to the Aquarium in Lisbon, which is, as it is reported in guidebooks, the largest in Europe. It lies on the bank of the river in a new district of Lisbon, not far from the bridge Vasco da Gama and near the exhibition center.

We watched many different aquariums in due time during our previous travels in China, South Korea, Spain and Italy. We saw nothing original in Lisbon aquarium. Let us say, that the whole complex outside looks much more attractive, than the contents inside. The standard arrangement includes a big central aquarium and many-many small ones. Notably the representation of small aquariums, namely accent lighting and accessibility for sightseeing leave much to be desired.

However we found here its amazing point, its face (in our opinion) as well. This is a band of sea beavers. We had been watching these lovely animals for forty minutes and could not get an eyeful. They are real aquarium stars.

We planned for the next day a trip to Sintra, Estoril and Cascais, however our plans failed because of the car breakage, and I am going to tell you about it in details.
The breakdown took place on the highway, moreover the malfunction was noticed not at once. It was noticed only when the conditioner stopped working, and it became hot in the passenger compartment.
The reason here is an imperfect indication about disrepair on the gauge board.

All indication and information (even about normal engine operation) are mainly in red color. A dynamic and sound failure indication is absent, and this reduces the probability of quick breakage detection. The situation worsens while you drive toward the sun. I think it is a great drawback.
That is why we stopped at the wayside, when the engine temperature detector showed 130 degrees!! Having opened the hood we did not find any liquid leaks and any torn off junction pipes. So we decided to go to the place where we had been given the car (it is about 10 kilometers) in little rushes and change the auto. We had to make 5 stops for engine cooling, though the van was switched on maximally and the part of the way down the hill we drove with the engine off, that is we reached the place with the help of all available driver know-how skills.

It is necessary to say that there was no problem with replacing the car (almost immediately). But one moment arouse, which did not comply the situation in any way.
While examining the car the receiver controls availability of a full fuel tank besides body damages. It is quite natural that the fuel tank was half full at that time, and my explanations that I could have damaged the engine (till the overheating), if I had come round to re-fill at a filling station, were not admitted. And it appeared (it had not been mentioned when we were getting the car) that not only the price for the missing fuel was twice as much, than at petrol stations, but the firm-renter fined for not full tank in the volume of about 40 euros. The sum over-ran rather fair. Having left the case study for the future and having signed the documents where the kind of the breakage was indicated, we moved towards the intended route by a new car of the identical make only with some improvements (as it occurred later, they were very pleasant).

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