We arrived in the airport of Lisbon and as we always do it during all our trips we rented a car directly in the airport. We always reserve a car at one of the famous rent-a-car companies – they are either Evrocar, or Sixt or Herzt. In that case it appeared Sixt. And once again the necessity of the order in the famous rent-a-car companies was confirmed straight and in the operational process.
The whole procedure took no more than 20 minutes. I would like to say it at once about a positive moment while they were documenting a car. We had ordered a medium car of Seat Leon type. At first the assistant began to formalize Opel Meriva, however, the second manager, having noticed the quantity of suitcases, suggested that the first manager should change that car to OPEL Astra station car. It is a trifle, but it is pleasant.

The car was new (1,500 km on the speed recorder). It was a diesel-powered car, which is very comfortable for Europe. The fuel consumption is less and the cost of the auto diesel oil is much cheaper than the cost of the motor gasoline.

We chose an automobile with a mechanical gearbox. I do not like automatic transmission. Besides in the area, where we had to travel, there could not be any longstanding traffic snarls.

The luggage compartment was more than spacious. All our things got in perfectly well, and the passenger compartment remained at our complete disposal.

A pleasant novelty for station cars was noticed at once: the cover slides of the luggage compartment in addition to the horizontal ones were also closer to the door lifting up to the second level. It is convenient to take something not opening the cover fully, when the suitcases are tall.

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