On the 10th of September, 1991, the fifth generation of the car Honda Civic was introduced in Japan. As planned by the engineers of the Honda, who occupied the main posts in the company at that time the Civic of the fifth generation continued the idea of its predecessors – it remained a thrifty city car. World-beating aerodynamics, a beautiful light body, a simple wishbone suspension, a reliable engine of low-end technology – with such parameters the Civic of the fifth generation could became not only an excellent car for every day, but it became a favourite of many auto enthusiasts, allowing them to do what they want with it.

In dependence on the owner’s wish the car could be converted into a spectacular demo-car with supercool ground effects and music; a monster for drag; a leader in close-circuit races; a drift car; a classy stenser and many others… Such a disposition of the Honda Civic to tuning, as well as an independent design, created by the Japanese designers Kohichi Hirata and Kawase Hiroyuki, made the Honda Civic of the fifth generation an icon of the JDM scene and auto culture.

We select for shootings one of the best in our opinion versions of the Honda Civic of the fifth generation, which demonstrates the car setting flexibility, beginning from styling and ending with technical tuning.

Having graduated from the university Maxim was looking for a car with temper and history. The Germans ended up in the crosshairs: Audi 80 В4, Golf 3 GTI, though, none of them were brought to Maxim by the fate, after all it was preparing for him something else. The Honda Civic EG4 hatchback, which seemed to be a lumbering, low and little roomy stool on the photographs appeared to be in fact just the car that suited Maxim within all the parameters. Maxim was lucky very much. He got the copy not spoiled by the time and ex-owners.

Maxim supports the idea of the pure OEM image of the car. What for to change anything, indeed, an eternal style is put into the Civic, and making alterations needs carefulness in order not to do much of harm with ground effects and other superfluities.

The car stylish silhouette is completed with a popular among the Honda drivers Spoon style Lip and a handsome spoiler, which perfectly fits the car design. The orange turn signals wonderfully go together with the black body, and the ageless problem of the Civic concerning the lack of the head light was solved without pure OEM style breaking by installing hardball head lamps Denji of the first generation.

The essential contribution to the car appearance is made by the distance of the body to the ground. Maxim decided this issue by installation Noname springs on the KYB UltraSR and NewSRspecial struts in the front and in the rear accordingly, thereby putting down EG 50 mm closer to the ground.

Having such a heavy approach to the qualitative styling Maxim could not install common casting on his hatch, that is why the choice fell on the famous Kosei RT-Mesh 16x7 ЕТ43 with double unbolting, that allows to stay on these disks when more serious brakes are set. The disks are covered with Nankang Ultra Sport NS-2 195/50 16". In order not to spoil the precious body with the dudgeon of the arches the disks offset was alternated at the local plant by the way of 5 mm striking off the contact surface. ET38 transformed into ET43. The front upper OEM brace of the cups and rear lower one of the firm Breaks were added to the body for steadier driving.

One and a half liter engine d15b2 was replaced with a faster Japanese brother, namely ZC SOHC of 1.6 liter capacity, providing 120 horse powers. It is quite enough for Maxim to be on the firm ground in the city and break the fresh ground on the sport track “Nizhegorodskoye koltso” (Nizhniy Novgorod circle), driving the car of not more than 1 ton weight.

In order the engine could breathe easier, Maxim added a zero filter Apexi Power Intake, and for more consistent breathing-out a collector 4-2-1 was fastened to the engine. The engine runs together with a short five-speed mechanics S40, equipped with the Exedy clutch.

In the result of a small investment Maxim got a very interesting city hot-hatch, attracting the attention of surrounding persons and able to show its properties not only at the “traffic light starts”, but on a track.

Taking into consideration the fact that the summer season 2013 appeared to be the first for Maxim, and the wish to conquer a track, where the potential of the Honda Civic comes out to the full extent, does not leave the young man, we suggest that the car should have big changes both in technical terms and in the car appearance, fortunately, that a loyal to tuning and alternations Civic will allow its owner to come to the set goals. We wish him good luck!

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